Careers at Overtaal

The majority of our staff of over 75 have completed studies in languages and/or translation at university or higher professional education level. Language is our forte and our passion.


Why work at Overtaal?

  • Challenging and rewarding career opportunities
  • Entrepreneurial and dynamic culture
  • Diverse client base
  • Varied service offering
  • History of company growth
  • International working environment
  • Global presence





Who succeeds at Overtaal?

Creative thinkers. Hard workers, innovators, visionaries. Pioneers. As long as they are team players.

Overtaal is built on the foundations laid by people with these values, and we are always looking for new people with the same values and priorities to continue that successful tradition.

Our Team

We know we’re a little biased, but we are really proud of the Overtaal team. Their talent and dedication drive our success, and their main focus and goal is meeting our clients' needs and providing impeccable service.


Project Coordinators and Managers

Our project managers are experts at solving problems. At times working closely with clients, while at other times managing project teams. Basically, they plan, implement and monitor projects of all shapes and sizes.

Thanks to our sustained growth, we are always interested in applicants with a strong project management skills and/or experience both in the field of translation as well as localisation. We are currently looking for a project coordinator for our Paris office.


Our linguists form a diverse, resourceful team who are committed to helping our clients succeed. Whatever they are specialised in, be it medical, legal, marketing, IT or any other type of content, their drive to ensure impeccable linguistic quality in the client's documents and other communications is unmistakable. All too often translations show signs of the source language. Overtaal linguists are particularly devoted to making the target content read as if it had been written in the target language. Never satisfied with a ‘straightforward’ translation, they are combining translation skills with copywriting skills

We are always looking to work with excellent freelance translators. If you are an experienced translator and would like to work with us, please contact us.

We also have regular openings for in-house translators.

Technical Support

In addition to our invaluable system administrators, we also have a team of technically knowledgeable and service-oriented localisation engineers. They know all about file formats, formatting, language and translation tools, macros, templates, etc. It is thanks to the engineering team that our production processes run efficiently and smoothly.