Language Training

Overtaal Language Training provides language and cultural training for professionals.
We offer both customised and group training sessions with open registration.

Customised Training

Do you often do business with foreign colleagues?

Specialist language and cultural training from Overtaal will help you to communicate more easily and make the most of your work with colleagues and contacts.

Our customised training sessions – both for groups and individuals – are fully coordinated according your wishes, existing language skills and development goals. If your spoken skills are most important, then that’s where we will place the emphasis. If your aim is to perfect your grammatical knowledge, then that will be our focus. Maybe you want to learn how to give better presentations in a foreign language? We can do that as well. In short: you learn what you want, how you want, where you want and when you want – all under the watchful eye of our experienced trainers.



Private vs. Group Training

A customised private programme has the advantage that the training can be fully geared to your personal learning goals. You have the trainer’s full attention and the lessons are organised to fit in with your schedule. The lesson schedule also remains flexible. Training sessions with one or more colleagues, on the other hand, offer the advantage that you can practise with other students in a realistic setting. Group training can also be interesting from a cost point of view.

In addition, we can offer courses through e-learning. That can come in very handy when you simply do not know in advance when you will have time for a training session.

Planning and Location

Training can be organised wherever you wish  –  in practice we work primarily in-company at clients’ locations in both the Netherlands and abroad, but you can simply tell us where you'd like your training to take place. Of course that can also be in one of Overtaal’s own training centres in Utrecht and Amsterdam.

Your schedule determines what form the training takes – once a week for two hours, all day for two whole weeks, it is all up to you. It is also possible to take lessons via e-conferencing or webcam. Overtaal has all modern means of communication at its disposal to make training as easy as possible for our students.


Working Method

We arrange a personal intake interview, in addition to which we may ask you to take a written intake test, to assess your level and discuss your wishes and requirements so that we can shape your language training to best fit your situation. This approach ensures you learn what you need to perform even better and with even greater self-confidence in your job.

Want to know more, or would you like a quotation?

Please do not hesitate to contact us by calling +31 (0)30 2427002
or sending an e-mail to:

Alternatively, you can ask for a quotation via our online form.

Quality you can trust


Our trainers

All training is given by highly skilled trainers. Most are native speakers of the language they teach, but we also work with trainers from a Dutch background as well. In any case, all of our trainers are highly experienced and qualified to teach in all years and all types of secondary education. You can put your trust in our trainers!



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