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Foreign Languages

Not everybody relishes the prospect of learning a foreign language. Some people are daunted by the thought of learning grammar, while others still have nightmares about those rows of German words they had to learn at school. But the thing is: learning a language can be so much fun and can really broaden one’s horizons!

An Overtaal language training course is never dull. Our trainers know how to motivate their students and encourage them to learn. You will find you learn a language faster than you might have expected and really enjoy it and get so much out of doing so!

We can give you the tools to significantly improve your business communication and to go into business meetings with increased confidence. Whatever form you would like your language training to take, we can advise you on the best plan of action to suit your situation.



Dutch for Natives

Language training in your native language? It might seem unnecessary and superfluous, but the fact is that many of us actually don't know our own language as well as we think.

Many native Dutch speakers still wrestle with language problems, varying from basic '-d', '-t' and '-dt' spelling to more complex issues of grammar, style and text structure. There is also the challenge of constructing texts and presentations in a compelling way.

Overtaal is here to help you, whatever the language problem. We work together to determine the training that is the best fit for your requirements and situation. Our trainers are specialists in Dutch who like nothing better than resolving language problems. You will quickly notice you express yourself with increased self-confidence, both in spoken and written Dutch.



Dutch for Non-Natives

If you come from another country and now work in the Netherlands, you have probably noticed that nearly everybody in the Netherlands speaks English, and you may have the impression that it really isn't necessary to learn Dutch. However, you will soon discover that life in the Netherlands is a lot nicer and more enjoyable if you know the language and learn more about Dutch culture. You will feel much more at home and create a great deal of goodwill from colleagues and business partners.

Whether you are interested in learning the basics or in perfecting your written or spoken Dutch, Overtaal can provide a tailored language course to suit your needs. We can make the right recommendations, based on your requirements and our experience.



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