Multimedia Services for Effective Communications

As a modern company, you do not deal exclusively with written text – and neither do we. We offer a multitude of services to cover all of your multimedia needs. As well as translating spoken texts in multimedia assets, we can also assist you in the full production lifecycle of the relevant material. Whether you need a voiceover, lip-synchronised audio, or subtitles, Overtaal can be of help. We can draw on an extensive pool of professional voice talent in over 170 languages who are available to record in locations around the world, including TransPerfect’s fully equipped in-house recording studios in New York, Los Angeles and Barcelona and over 40 partner studios. Backed up by almost 20 years of experience, we offer a full range of multimedia solutions that combine worldwide language resources with proven technology solutions and project management expertise.

Our voice-over and subtitling departments cover all aspects of the recording and production process using professional, high-quality digital audio recording techniques. We produce for all multimedia types, including films, television commercials, and corporate training videos. Final files are available in all common media-file formats.




Voiceover & Dubbing

Whether your requirements include television/film, audio only, online, training/e-learning materials, or any other media type, our native-speaking voiceover actors have the expertise and experience to convey your message to both the global marketplace and local communities in the style, tone, and voice you prefer. Our voice actors are supported by expert technical supervisors who ensure perfect timing, sound quality, and the highest quality production.

  • Lip synchronisation
  • Documentary style
  • Voiceover narration

We can provide you with a choice of voice talent, allowing you to select the voice that best fits your needs.

Voiceover narration





Our subtitling experts have extensive experience in ensuring that your message, dialogue, or script is communicated with clarity and brevity in over 170 languages. The process begins with careful script adaptation for each language to maintain the meaning of the source content, while also working within length requirements to maximise readability for the viewer. Our subtitling linguists are skilled at making intelligent editorial choices to ensure that final subtitles or closed captions still capture the essence of the message while coinciding precisely with on-screen video elements.

  • Transmit your message clearly, concisely, and consistently in over 170 languages
  • Specialised subtitling linguists make editorial choices
  • Condensed translations ensure readability for the viewer
  • All major video formats
  • Customised solutions for commercials, TV, Internet broadcasts, DVD, video-on-demand and cinema





Our transcription services combine industry-leading turnaround times with unsurpassed accuracy to deliver final transcription files in any format of your choosing. Our professional transcriptionists have experience with all types of media, including tape, DVD, internet video/audio, and live broadcast.




Our Resources

Thanks to the advanced multimedia and technology resources we offer, our clients can produce all types of media projects with superior quality and linguistic accuracy. In addition to the core linguistic parts of multimedia production, we also cover pre- and post-production phases, offering a multitude of services to cover all of your multimedia needs.


Production Lifecycle Support

  • Script development, adaptation and review
  • Professional casting
  • Bilingual supervisors / directors
Production Services
  • Multilingual voice talent
  • Professional recording services for both voiceover and dubbing
  • Full production crews for shooting in-language
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Subtitling
  • Graphics replacement
  • Transcription
  • Flash localisation
  • Film editing and conversion