SAP Roll-outs

Are you planning to go global with your SAP software?

Overtaal started delivering translations to SAP in 2003. We were certified as SAP language provider in 2009 and since 2011 we are SAP-certified partner for SAP Translation Services. We are now a leading provider of global SAP implementation solutions for organisations in every major industry. We have been involved in the translations of 20 of the 30 most influential SAP customisations and are long-standing partners of many global companies in this process, applying our unique combination of next-generation software and unparalleled linguistic expertise to support large-scale SAP rollouts. Whether you need translation and localisation of training documentation, SE63 consulting, or on-site interpretation for in-country training sessions, Overtaal provides solutions for nearly every aspect of global SAP projects.


We can make the following resources available to you:

  • Localisation engineers who are experts in configuring SAP modules in SE63 so that they can be localised
  • Teams of SAP linguists in all major languages to provide translation services directly in SAP or for offline training materials/documentation
  • Trained SAP language consultants who have successfully completed SAP's training courses on setting up customer translation projects
  • A suite of technology products to assist in the management of glossaries and translation memories.


SAP Translation Solutions

The localization of SAP systems and related content is a complex task, and most companies need expert support to ensure the process goes smoothly—that's where comes in. From software UI and documentation translation to in-language training, we provide a complete solution for international SAP implementations and rollouts.


User Interface Translation

User Interface Translation & Testing

Translation of custom content

Translation of user generated & custom content

E-Learning Localization

E-Learning & Training Localization

Multilingual Support

Multilingual IT Support Interpretation


  • Information Gathering
  • Scope Definition
  • Translations System Setup


  • Glossary & Style Guide Creation
  • Terminology Maintenance
  • Translation and Quality Assurance


  • Language Delivery
  • Language Supplementation
  • Post Processing


  • Language Acceptance Testing
  • Bug Fixing/Reporting
  • Regression Testing


  • Training Documentation Localization
  • In-Person Training Interpretation
  • Remote Support Interpretation

A Complete Solution
Under One Roof

  • 20+ Years of experience
  • Dedicated team of SAP experts
  • Simplified SE63 translation environment set-up and configuration
  • Eliminate resource bottlenecks and deploy SAP on schedule globally
  • 40-60% Savings on direct and indirect costs
  • Increased consistency and accuracy of translations for software UI and help content
  • 170+ Languages
  • Localization of e-learning and training materials
  • In-person interpretation for meetings and training

We Know How


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