Text & Editing


of your online presence, your software, and also your marketing campaigns



Overtaal offers a comprehensive range of copy creation, adaptation and translation services that aim less at precise recreations of your source material in the target language, and more at the desired impact on your target group. In today’s global economy, it is essential for companies to convey their brand image consistently and successfully in all markets in which they operate. Vast amounts of time, money and effort are spent on creating the perfect brand image, carefully making sure that all communications are in tune with each other. But not all messages translate well into other languages – there are hundreds of examples of brand messages that have been lost in translation, and may even harm the brand. ‘Transcreation’ services are key in developing advertising material and other marketing-related copy, and they can also play a vital role in more straightforward texts. A brand style guide, which we can develop for you, often provides our linguists with just that bit of extra guidance to turn a translation into something that is made to measure.