Translation Services

With over 6,000 linguists in our strictly controlled database, and strategic linguists in house controlling the quality of our content, we can produce translations in any field and language combination. You can count on us for content that needs to be translated accurately, with the translation reading as if it were written in the target language, but also for content that requires a more creative translation approach, such as marketing material. We tailor our processes and choice of resources to your needs.


What makes our service unique?

  • Our strict and controlled selection and testing of linguists
  • Our ability to tailor our service to your needs
  • Our rigorous quality control, ensuring client satisfaction
  • Our personalised service and passion for serving our clients


Standard and non-standard translation services

Most good translation agencies will tell you they make sure that all their translations are proofread before they are delivered. That is the standard approach in the translation industry. In addition to this, Overtaal offers an even higher quality standard through its three-step process involving  three different linguists. This means that your content is translated by one linguist who is specialised in the relevant field, proofread by a second linguist who is also specialised in that field, and then controlled by a certified quality manager, who signs off on your content. All this is paired with state-of-the-art technology to ensure your message and content are consistent, accurate and natural to the target audience.

Of course, we are more than happy to tailor our process to your needs. For example, if you need to have a document translated only to get an overall impression of its content, you can opt for the faster options of a draft translation, or maybe even a summary translation.

The more important style, tone of voice, and nuances of meaning and association are – such as in marketing material – the more important it is to have your texts translated by someone who can bring the creativity and target group orientation to bear that are typical of good copywriters. Overtaal offers a comprehensive range of copy creation, adaptation and 'transcreation' services.



Personalised service

Prior to the first job for a new client, we often produce client-specific glossaries and brand and style guides. This enables our linguists to tailor their work to your wishes, style and terminology right from the start.

In order to guarantee a seamless, consistent service, you will always be allocated a dedicated project manager plus a corresponding back-up PM. This ensures the continuous build-up of knowledge with regards to your preferred style, linguists and terminology, based always on your own feedback about our work.

Our team of international project managers is made up of young, enthusiastic people from all over the world, most of them with a linguistic background (studies in translation and/or interpretation) and with a passion for client services. This is our most important differentiator: a solution-oriented, proactively driven work force that will make your experience of working with Overtaal a truly different and fully satisfying one.

You will be regularly contacted by our client services team to ensure that you experience with us remains up to standard. If it does not, a prompt investigation will be launched and a solution will be put in place to guarantee the proper standard in future.



We believe in long-term, sustained,
efficient communication and services.