A Well-Tailored Process

Overtaal offers multiple levels of translation services tailored to client needs, ranging from time-efficient draft translation to fully quality-assured translation. As standard a translation is performed by a carefully selected linguistic team consisting of a translator and a proofreader. But if you need extra quality assurance – for example because of the legal nature of your documents –we can step up to our three-step translation process involving a translator, a proofreader and a third linguist who performs an additional quality management step. In any case, the translation process itself is embedded in a workflow in which we start with a ‘pre-flight’ and end with a final check which ensures that your deliverables are in the right format and layout.

We guarantee our translation quality by ensuring that all texts are translated, proofread and revised by a team consisting of two or three linguists in compliance with the ISO 17100:2015 certification standard. All our projects undergo strict quality control procedures using certified people, processes and technologies.



In a pre-flight, we establish exactly what is needed for a particular job. In consultation with you, the client, we may decide to create a client-specific or project-specific glossary and/or a brand style guide, in order to align the translation process as much as possible with your needs and expectations. Even though our translators are all subject-specialists in their respective fields, companies often have their own preferred terminology which can be very highly useful to identify in advance through a client-approved glossary.

As part of the pre-flight, we may also produce one or more sample translations, allowing you to provide feedback and thereby gain additional control over the style and flavour of our translations.



Specialised Linguists

The translations themselves are produced by a team of two or three linguists, depending on your choice of service: a translator, a proofreader and optionally a third linguist who performs an additional quality management step. All three linguists are native speakers of the target language. The best linguistic team is selected from our extensive network of over 6,000 thoroughly tested professional translators, based on subject expertise and ongoing evaluations. Additionally, each project is subject to our ISO 9001 and ISO 17100-certified quality management system, ensuring the highest level of quality and accuracy.

Our goal while undertaking any translation project is not to translate literally, but to work within the target language, so that original nuances and tone remain intact and the original message is conveyed without compromise. This is why our production team is divided into specialised groups, each possessing extensive experience in the exact requirements of each industry.


In Addition

When you send us a regular Office document, we naturally return to you a translated document with the same layout, appropriately adapted to the new content. In some cases, however, more extensive DTP processing is required, for example when text expands in translation to such an extent that a simple re-formatting does not suffice, or when special fonts are required in a target language. Overtaal offers DTP services to complement our translation work. We can handle any format.

Placing text in tables, charts, diagrams and graphics-sensitive contexts such as ads is not without its difficulties, especially when the text is in a foreign language. Different languages have different rules and conventions for line breaks, punctuation, hyphenation, layout, etcetera. At Overtaal, we manage this challenge by performing post-desktop publishing or graphic proofreading. Our graphic proofreaders, who are native speakers of the target language, review the laid out files after each round of revisions to ensure that no errors were introduced during the process. If you rely on Overtaal for multilingual typesetting, graphic proofreading is part of the service. However, if you chose to handle desktop publishing in house, or if you receive pre-formatted content in any language that you can’t review internally, we also offer graphic proofreading as a stand-alone service.



  • 170+ LANGUAGES
  • ISO 9001 AND ISO 17100 CERTIFIED