Typesetting & Graphic Services

Whether they appear in print or online, images, charts (including interactive charts) and other graphical elements need special attention in the localisation process. Whether your site or brochure requires something as simple as multilingual layout/desktop publishing of text or a more detailed copy adaptation process, Overtaal has the expertise to ensure that your images and visuals fully complement your localised copy, ensuring maximum impact in the target market.

Overtaal offers a full array of graphic services including layout consulting, graphic proofreading and pre-print supervision.



Multilingual Typesetting

Typesetting is the final stage in crafting a client’s marketing message for international audiences. Our Multilingual Typesetting services allow clients to transmit their message in languages as diverse as Arabic, Korean or Tagalog without losing the impact of the original material. Did you know that in Arabic, words are never hyphenated, but that text is made to fit by changing its width?

Translating between certain language pairs can expand or contract volumes of text by up to 40%. If not managed correctly, this has a negative impact on the appearance of documents such as marketing collateral, yearly reports, and legal documentation. On request, Overtaal's Desktop Publishing experts can format translated text so that it resembles the original with the best match possible.

Our desktop publishing team, production specialists and graphic proofreaders work in any application, employing the widest possible selection of fonts, enabling you to convert your copy into print-ready files in over 170 languages.


Transmit your message in diverse languages without losing the impact of the original material.

  • Graphic artists, technology specialists, and linguists work in concert
  • Retain the integrity of your design, even when working in character, Cyrillic, or right-to-left scripts
  • Compensate for text expansion that occurs naturally in translation
  • Vast library of fonts in more than 170 languages including Japanese, Russian, Arabic, and Thai
  • Post-typesetting proofreading as standard



Graphic Services

Tables, charts and diagrams often feature intricate labels and captions. Online graphical elements can be even more demanding, for example by being interactive. Without the requisite linguistic resources, in-house typesetting and DTP departments cannot guarantee that text placement is correct in the target language. Knowing that text is where it should be is vital. Our formatting services are therefore designed for you to relax in the knowledge that your documents will have the correct formatting and can be referenced in the same way in every language version.


Detailed input on all graphical elements on a printed page or a localised website.

  • All major file formats supported
  • Layout consulting, graphic proofreading, and pre-print supervision
  • Colour schemes
  • Page layout
  • Design




Graphic Proofreading

Anyone who has worked in marketing or design knows that graphic proofreading is vital to your ad's success. Every time you pour copy into a layout, there is the potential for errors to be introduced into your carefully prepared text. Considering that many languages have specific rules about line breaks, hyphenation and positioning, this risk is only multiplied when dealing with multilingual content.

At Overtaal, we manage this challenge by performing post-desktop publishing or graphic proofreading. Our graphic proofreaders, who are native speakers of the target language, review the laid out files after each round of revisions to ensure that no errors were introduced during the process.

If you rely on Overtaal for multilingual typesetting, graphic proofreading is part of the service. However, if you choose to handle desktop publishing in house, or if you receive pre-formatted content in any language that you can’t review internally, we also offer graphic proofreading as a stand-alone service.