Visual Software Localisation

Software should be highly intuitive to best serve a user-oriented approach. New software, whether for companies or the individual user, is developed in multiple content formats, for use on different device types (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile). Each of these formats requires a different functional and linguistic approach in the localisation process.


At Overtaal, we use Alchemy CATALYST for our software localisation purposes. Alchemy CATALYST is a visual localisation environment that supports every aspect of the localisation workflow. It helps organisations to accelerate their localisation processes and provides linguistic resources with an advanced tool to increase productivity and, in turn, company revenues.




The powerful features offered by Alchemy CATALYST include:

  • Advanced desktop TM
  • PerfectMatch translations for smart translation selection
  • Scheduler for an efficient workflow
  • Integration of machine translation
  • Seamless migration of TMs
  • Maximum translation re-use
  • Support for 170+ content formats



The key benefits of using Alchemy CATALYST include:

  • Huge localisation cost savings
  • Higher quality translation
  • Faster release cycles
  • Rapid ROI



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